Hypopressive & Yoga workshop

A Christmas treat just for you!
Let the stress and tension that is often felt during this time of year melt away and immerse yourself in this wonderful workshop.
Join Abby and Janet for a wonderful morning of Hypopressive and Yoga.
To begin the morning we will be using breath to turn off the fight and flight stress reflex replacing it with the relax and befriend one.
Once we have all rebooted our nervous systems we will be delving into deep core and spine strength and mobility through the use of Hypopressive poses that utilize the deep slow twitch muscles of the spine and core. This will leave you feeling energised, stretched and supple – completing the first part of this workshop with a few wonderful stretches for your psoas and spinal mobility.
Following on from the Hypo session, Janet will take you through a nourishing heart flow practice bring your awareness to the physical and emotional self.
The yoga is suitable for all levels, even advanced yogi’s who are looking to go back to basics and enjoy slower practice.
We’ll practice postures and breathwork and end the workshop with a wonderful long relaxation.
Come to the workshop, learn how to engage the deep ‘core’ muscles and how this greatly enhances your yoga practice. You’ll feel stronger, longer and deeply relaxed.
Please bring your own yoga mat (some mats will be available), Blanket and pillow for relaxation
Cost – £30

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