My training


me-selfieI had a prolapse and stress and urge incontinence over the course of four months practising Hypopressives I was amazed with the results and wanted to learn how to teach women and men in a similar situation to my own. I decided to book myself on a training course in London.

This was hosted by UKhypopressives ukh-icon1,the course was taught by Tamara Rial, who is one of the worlds leading figures training trainers to teach the hypopressive method.


Since attending the course I have deepened my knowledge through webinars.


Low Pressure Fitness - International

Low Pressure Fitness – International

I have taken part in a series of practical workshops run by the anatomy department at Edinburgh Uni, to further enable me to tailor make a programme that works for every individual


I have been teaching hypopressives for a whole year what an exciting year it’s been!


I have recently returned from Barcelona, Spain having completed my Level 3 training in Hypopressives with Low Pressure Fitness – taught again by Tamara Rial the leading developer and researcher at the Hypopressive Low Pressure Fitness World Institute.


I am the only Level 3 certified trainer in Scotland


I am currently training with Claire Mockridge – and am about to complete her Diastasis Detective Course


I am also doing another course with Claire Mockridge – Your Pelvic Matters – which will give me another angle from which to tailor make courses for every individual.


And in February I am really excited to be taking part in a workshop with The Movement Man.


My clients range from new mums, to those with historical prolapses to those looking for better core strength either to support their backs or for general fitness.