Pregnancy specialists

At present my classes are not designed around pregnancy – but there are specialists out there who can help with breathing and birthing.

One of the things I would do differently if I were ever to become pregnant again would be to keep supple and to find gentle ways to keep stretched and active – in East Lothian there are pregnancy yoga classes and my clients are always recommending Janet Baxter in Pencaitland you can find her at:

The other thing I would do differently is make sure that I had someone with me who could support my husband and I- someone who has experience of hospitals and birthing a doula. I have met and talked extensively with a super Doula called Kamila Sokolowski who is a birthing companion and also offers counselling too – she is there to speak for you, when you are too tired to take it all in, she is there to make sure that what happens either at home or in hospital is an informed choice and one that works for mum, dad and baby. You can get in touch with her here: