Searching for an answer to pelvic floor dysfunction?

Here I am pictured six months after I had my second baby. At this point I thought that I would not get to enjoy my boys growing up as an active mum. At the point this photo was taken I was needing to pee every 10 minutes and people were constantly asking me when my baby was due. I wasn’t a happy person. I had always wanted to have children but I had (like so many other women) walked in to this whole birth thing with no idea of the catastrophic mess that childbirth can and does have on women every single day. I had no idea about prolapse of diastasis and incontinence and lack of sexual appetite. I was blissfully unaware.

This photo was taken at Sally Scots studio just before I tried Hypopressives for the first time. It had not been an easy choice to go see her – drive for 40 minutes there- pay money for a method that I heard about but wasn’t sure would work.

This was the start of my journey with Hypopressives and little did I know my journey back to me and to that life I had dreamt about as an active and outgoing mum of two boys.