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After being told by my GP that I was having a mild bladder prolapse and that the NHS waiting list to see a gynaecologist was around 12 weeks, I decided to take my pelvic floor health in my own hands and seek an alternative route to heal myself. This is when I discovered Hypopressives and Abby’s classes. After 3 thoroughly enjoyable and informative private sessions with her, some great handouts and a motivation to stop peeing 5 times a night, I started practicing 4-5 times a week for about 20 minutes each time. After 8 weeks I started to see some major improvement and Blythe time my NHS appointment came up, I was told I had no sign of a prolapse whatsoever. My belly is smaller, my waist is visible at last, my incontinence is gone. I have now started her evening class in Haddington and I enjoy it. Abby is a great teacher, knowledgeable, competent and funny!

Marie-C – East Lothian



Feel more you - increase stamina

Feel more you – increase stamina


`Tena Lady’ not required!! Thanks to Abby’s amazing Hypopressives class the stress incontinence has virtually gone. Abby is such fun and so patient – she’s had to be patient as it took me a while to get the hang of the exercises but it is so worth it in my `bus pass’ years.


CM -Edinburgh



looking forward to the next one…will defo try and do at least 15 mins a day..you made it a very fun session…thanks…(Katy M) – Edinburgh


Great morning, well done Abby, thank you. I’m a long way from getting it right but I look forward to the next one. ( Carmel S) – Midlothian


What an amazing morning today, thanks Abby, feeling strong and full of Oxygen still, really interesting and inspiring morning! (Bea T) – East Lothian


Nice workshop Abby. Very educational to feel ways of using my body I’ve not experienced before. My muscles feel the workout too. Thanks for you passion bringing this very very important work to Scotland! (Susie M) – East Lothian


It has been an absolute joy coming to the classes, I always feel more connected and peaceful afterwards. I am grateful that I have been shown HYPOPRESSIVE breathing. It’s amazing how it really does help you to ‘grow’ in every day life, and you teach it in a fantastic manner. (Jojo 18yrs) – East Lothian


Loved my first Hypopressive workshop with Abby, my first experience of Hypopressive exercise and I couldn’t of asked for a more intuitive, knowledgeable and friendly teacher – Abby is so well informed, with great understanding of the human body- I thoroughly enjoyed it & felt amazing during and after! Brilliant handouts & clear instruction mean i can take what I learned home with me. I look forward to the next workshop & highly recommend! (Lindsey M) – East Lothian


I have been doing Abby’s hypopressive classes for about a year now and can really feel the benefits. My diastasis recti (stomach split) has almost totally closed. I really enjoy the classes and time passes so quickly! Abby is a great teacher and great fun and always willing to help.

K – Buckstone class