About Hypopressive

What’s the deal with Hypopressives?

Hypopressives aim to build a toned and reflexive core and pelvic floor through the combination of breath work, alignment and (no equipment) resistance training.

Hypopressives have been around since the 1980’s where they were originally designed by Marcel Caufriez – his initial programme was solely for post-natal women who had pelvic floor dysfunction or pelvic organ prolapse.

The ‘Method’ has been taken and adapted further by Tamara Rial and Piti Pinsach to not only target the pelvic floor but also the core through resistance and alignment work alongside the very important breathing protocol.

The success of Hypopressives both as the Hypopressive Method and in its more up-to-date and widely used form as Low Pressure Fitness in the treatment and prevention of POP is what lead me to using it to treat my own POP and incontinence and from that point to training to be able to bring Low Pressure Fitness (Hypopressives to Scotland).