My journey

Before I started my family I was very active.

After teaching Drama everyday at school I would come home and regularly cycle for 20 miles then go for a swim, or some days rock climbing followed by a swim, or Yoga followed by a swim, or skipping followed by intense abdominal training (sit ups, plank and the like).


After a 36 hour traumatic labour my active life was over. Incontinence and a feeling like my insides were falling out completely changed me. I became introverted, I couldn’t go anywhere. Instead of enjoying my baby I dreaded any outing we had to make together.IMG_0255


During the course of my second pregnancy, with a weakened abdominal wall (that I didn’t know about) I developed whooping cough. The pressure of the whooping cough, the pregnancy and the previous pregnancy and traumatic labour (that had left my body vulnerable) literally destroyed my quality of life.

Spoiling the precious time when I should have been enjoying being a mum instead of worrying whether there would be a toilet close by!

Then the reality dawned

I tried Yoga and Pilates to get back into shape, and hopefully stop the constant need to go to the toilet. Then one Saturday night sitting on the sofa I felt a protrusion through my underwear.


After a frantic phone call to NHS24 I understood what was happening to my body. This was the first I realised that all my problems were because my uterus and bladder had prolapsed. I was terrified. I was upset. I was recommended Kegel exercises (these work the hammock of muscles below your organs) or surgery. I refused to accept that I couldn’t exercise my muscles from the inside.


After a lot of searching I found Hypopressives

Revolutionary!!!! After two sessions over the course of 4 weeks – the incontinence was Gone


After three sessions over the course of 6 weeks – the feeling between my legs (like my tampon was falling out) was GONE


What did Hypopressives do for me?


  1. Gave me back my independence, I don’t need to pee every 15 minutes
  2. I haven’t bought TENA lady for years
  3. I can run again – really run – through the woods with a puppy!
  4. I don’t leak when I sneeze, cough, laugh
  5. I don’t leak when I jump on a trampoline
  6. It has been months since anyone asked me if I was expecting a baby!
  7. I have increased stamina in the pool when I swim
  8. I am stronger, fitter, happier

I now try to fit in between 10/30 minutes of Hypopressives a day, which is easier than you think as you can do them anywhere!!! No special equipment needed.

Update: my prolapse has reduced from between a 2/3 grade to a 1.

The change in my body has been dramatic! with the closing of the diastasis and the improvement in my posture my whole body shape has changed! I need to find that top and take another picture now!

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